Māori relied on their detailed astronomical knowledge  - tātāi arorangi - to navigate the ocean, the plant crops, harvest seafood and to tell the time.

Māori had an extensive knowledge of the night sky. The movement constellation, the helical rising of the stars, the arrival of comets, the phases of the moon and many other phenomena were noted by them.

Arorangi was considered part of the body of knowledge known as Kauwee - Runga. This contained celestial knowledge, knowledge of the creation, the gods, starts and time.

Tohunga Kokorangi and Tohunga Tātāi Arorangi were teachers of the Astronomical knowledge. This detailed astronomical knowledge resulted in Māori having a presice understanding of the seasons, and helped the ancestors of Māori to navigate the vast expansive Pacific Ocean.

Tātāi Arorangi Astronomy


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